About Erelationship


Mastering the art of relationship with class Erelationship Master Class is a twelve week course that helps individuals master the art of relating with class.

The Master class helps you to understand the stages you go through in the search for someone with who you can relate, from learning to understanding who you are and who you want to be to figuring out what you want, to real dating advice to help you know if you have found that special person.

There are 4 main modules.

MODULE ONE Explores Who You Are As A Person.

The three sessions involved in this module requires the participants to reflect inwardly and come to terms with who they are, deal with their past and get rid of thoughts and actions that have limited their relationship success

MODULE TWO Explores What You Want From A Relationship

In the next three sessions the participants are invited to assess their readiness to start a relationship, establish what they desire from a relationship and develop strategies on how to enjoy themselves whilst waiting for Mr or Mrs Right.

MODULE THREE Sets You On The Path To Begin A Relationship

This module challenges the participants to identify their ideal partner.  It also provides insights into the dating process plus guidance on dating etiquette and common dating mistakes

MODULE FOUR Explores How To Enjoy Your Relationship And Transition Into The Next Level

The final set of three sessions covers conflict resolution, provides a blueprint for relationship success and guidance on transitioning to the next level in a relationship – Marriage.

If you want to find out more about the step by step guide to relationship success  or want to register for the next relationship Master class course  please contact the course director@erelationshipmasterclass.com and fill out the form here.