It is never the easiest thing in the world to have to say something about someone you have known and admired for many years,  in just a few words. During this time, I have known Mrs D’Almeida as a pastor, Teacher, Leader, Counsellor and above all a well respected mentor of a wide range of people including me. She has in my own opinion a peculiar passion for singles (unmarried) and young people; I would say she is specially gifted for these groups of people.

As a single person I would go to Ade D’Almeida and seek advice on   various issues and was never let down at any time. I would come out of the meeting with an inspiration, an advice, a solution and above all a heartfelt prayer of a woman of faith. She has got an outstanding ability to listen, sympathise with great understanding backed with incredible personal experiences. This is an incredibly wise woman that has not failed to leave a lasting impression on all those who have come across her. The best thing about her is, she keeps getting better. Well, I am married now to a lovely woman and we have a beautiful daughter.

I would recommend Pastor Ade as a mentor, inspirational leader, a teacher and a well qualified counsellor and life coach to any one that would want to take their life up another level.

Charles Coker

I first met and came into close contact with Ade D’Almeida in early 1999 . I remember that I was definitely going through lots of different transitions in my Life and searching for answers about which way I was going, was I making progress and what was to come out of life for me.

Ade D’Almeida, she was so friendly, straight away she ignited something in me encouraging me, wanting me to succeed, and at the same keeping me up with the program because of that little rebellious streak that would at times want to surface.

Ade D’Almeida made time for me , she would invite me into her office and ask me about myself , had I written my goals for the year, was I praying for my life partner, how was my work was I thinking about moving higher in my career. I found that whenever I needed advice, she had something to give me whether we spent five minutes talking or an hour talking. I always left her presence feeling that things were much clearer and more assured that with God all things are possible.

Ade is my mother and my great friend although she does not take any nonsense so if you thinking of going around in a way you know she would not be pleased about, best to come straight and get it out in the open. She is fun loving, kind generous and is always sowing seed in my life.

Mrs Lorna Lala

At 21yrs old the realities of being ‘single’ began to hit home. Most of my friends were now dating, and a handful of them had started long term relationships. References to the fact I was ‘single’ were now being made by relatives, and although this was only occasional it kept on emphasising the fact that I was living the ‘single’ life.

Up until this point I had never really thought about what living the ‘single’ life actually meant. I just knew I wanted to be married someday, and I hoped somehow I would be ready when the day came. However as time passed, and I began to watch more of my friends move through the transition of being single to getting married, it became apparent I would have to deal with some things if I wanted to live a positive single life and be ready for marriage.

Ade D’Almeida helped me to achieve my goal of viewing my singleness positively. She took me under her wing and helped me to focus more on my life, business and spiritual goals, than on my single status. Her mentorship has led me to achieve many things that I would not have thought possible before coming under her wing.

Maria Olunloyo

Being under the spiritual guidance of Ade D’Almeida there is no place for failure for me. She is able to give you the kind of encouragement that will cause you to see that there is hope and that with prayer and faith in God you can do all things.
Being single and observing all my friends from as far back as school days getting married and having 2-4 children, could have made me, in my single state, wonder when, why and who???
But with the awesome testimony of Mrs D’Almeida and her constant inspiring mentorship she has taught me that being single is not something to be ashamed of, but to aspire to enjoy and celebrate who I am as a single person.  She has taught me the many benefits of being single that you have to sacrifice when you get married, also that delays are not denials. Good things truly come to those who wait as you can see through her own personal testimony.
In addition she has made me realize that God is in the process of perfecting what He has ordained for me, even perfecting me and who I am the crown jewel of my future spouse.

So here I am enjoying being me, my single life and having a great relationship with God. Enjoying my life now, on the way to where I’m going . 
So if you as a single person having challenges, or just wanted advise I highly recommend the literature of Mrs D’Almeida, and or having her as a mentor or life coach.  It will be a truly rewarding and life changing experience, you just personally need to be ready for that change.

Trisha Peart