Ade D’Almeida is passionate about encouraging those who are single to enjoy and maximise life. With a mix of humour and straight talk she provides insights, tips and advice on dating, courtship, relationships and marriage.

Single for many years herself until she married in her 40s she feels qualified to talk about the highs and lows of single life.  Her life is a testimony of how to break free from the negative perceptions and views singles often have to face as they just get on with everyday life while waiting for that perfect mate. Her articles and books truly inspire.

Ade D’Almeida is a highly sought after mentor who has helped many single men and women live positive singles lives some of which have gone on to become happily married.
An accomplished author she has written over 50 books and manuals on the subject of dating, relationships, courtship and marriage.

As an elite member of the wealth alliance group achieving success in all areas of life is this author’s passion for all the people who encounter her work.

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